In the year 1983 Mr. O'Brien Francis Netlink's Chief Executive Officer in partnership, started a small Business Venture named Phoenix, which was located at 4 Eastwood Avenue, dealing with, the installation C-Band Satellite Dishes and Receivers. After a couple of years, same folded as the partnership terminated. The situation however, did not last for very long, as the young, energetic, entrepreneurial and affable Businessman single handedly developed his Satellite Operations, to an almost immeasurable position.

The Advent of Cable TV was on the Horizon, and soon enough, several Cable Company's emerged. Utilizing his astute and shrewd Business psyche, fueled by his dogged determination to realized a high successful Business status, Mr. Francis entered into the Field of Merchandising, being a Supplier of Cable and all other paraphernalia relevant to those Companies.

This Business gained great success, and saw him bringing on board four (4) additional members of staff, inclusive of his wife Dianthe, who to date, ably assists him with the day-to-day operations of the Business. During the year 1991, Netlink Communication Company Limited was borne, incorporated on the 1st October of that year and was duly registered. In the meanwhile Netlink had expanded its operations, engaging in the Sales and Services of Garage Doors, Gate Openers, Shutters for all occasions, Satellite system accessories, Intercoms, Surveillance Systems, Smoke and Fire Alarm Systems.

In order to provide for dedicated Quality Products and Service, the Company has scaled down some of its operations, which has resulted in their core Business being Automatic Gate Openers and Garage Doors, Accordion Shutters, Roll Up Shutters and Storm Panels.

In the year 2006 Netlink Communication Company Limited has undertaken the Manufacturing of Quality Hurricane Shutters and we are a Member of the American Shutter System Association (ASSA) of International acclaim. They are responsible for the continued Research, Development and Testing of Hurricane Protection Products, in order to ensure that the highest standards in the Industry are maintained.

Netlink Communication Company Limited is renown for its Top Quality Products, which are sourced across the Nations of the U.S.A, Europe and Asia.

Significant to note, in 2006, we were awarded by the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, for our positive contribution to the Economic Growth and Job Creation in Jamaica.

Our Staff complement of thirty-eight (38), comprises of dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable personnel, who aim to please you, as we strive towards our Goal, for the Highest in Excellence.

We are fully equipped, and will provide advanced Technology for all Residential and Commercial Entities.