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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What brand gate opener operators does Netlink sell?

 At Netlink Jamaica we offer a variety of American, Italian, and Asian manufactured gate opener operators. The American gate opener is Liftmaster, while the Italian gate opener brands are Proteco and Came. The name of the Asian brand gate opener is Powertech, offering various models of arm operator openers.

2. Which gate opener operator is preferred by customers with heavier weighted gates?

Proteco (each of our brands carry systems that can manage heavy duty gates for residential purposes).

3. Do we sell safety sensors?

Yes, we sell both gate arm and slide operators, garage doors, garage door operators and barrier gate operators.

4. What kind of remotes do we sell?

We sell BFT, SEA, Liftmaster, Powertech, Proteco, Superjack.

5. What kind of installation services does Netlink offer?

We do gate opener installation, garage door installation, intercom systems installation, hurricane shutters installation, industrial shutters installation, sunshades installation and canopy installation.

6. What type of Hurricane shutters do we sell?

Accordion, Bahama, Colonial, Roll up and Storm panel.

7. What type of garage doors do we sell? (brand)

We offer both American and Asian brand garage door panels. The American garage door (padded and non-paded) panels are supplied by our premium quality suppliers: Clopay and Amarr.

8. Do we sell sunshades and canopy?

Yes, we sell sunshades from our American supplier.

9. Do we sell intercom systems?

Yes we sell intercom systems from our Korean supplier: Commax.

10. Do we sell batteries?

Yes, we sell 5 amp and 7 amp batteries for gate openers and garage doors.

11. Do we stock accessories and parts for our products?

Yes, we stock a large variety of parts and accessories for garage door openers, gate openers, and hurricane shutters. (push buttons)

12. What services does Netlink Jamaica offer?

At Netink Jamaica, we offer repair service for the parts to the products that we sell. We do gate opener assessments, garage door assessments, sun shade assessments and hurricane shutter assessments. If you would like our products to be delivered to you, we offer delivery services island wide. We also provide installation services for all the various systems we have in stock. Netlink Jamaica can also provide other services like: hurricane shutter servicing, and custom gate construction.

13.  Do we offer repairs?

Yes, we only repair services for brand products mainly due to availability of parts.

14. Do we offer delivery services?

 Yes, we offer island wide delivery service for the products sold by Netlink Jamaica.

15.  What are the various methods of payment?

          We accept various forms of payment, which include the following: credit and                debit card transactions (VISA/ MASTERCARD/ KEYCARD), electronic transfer/                   bank to bank transfer/ TT payments, cash, check/ cheque.

16.  Where are our suppliers located?

          United States of America, China and Italy

17. How do I schedule an assessment?

        Call us at 876-920-6963, we will take your contact information and our technical                  department will contact you shortly after.

18. What is the material quality and durability of our shutters?

        Our shutters are made locally from aluminum. Tested and approved by ASSA                    (American shutter Systems Association) to withstand category 5 hurricane speed.

19. Do we do special orders for garage doors?

        Yes, we can import a custom garage door to the customer’s preference if the          price is prepaid in full.

20. What do I need to do to become a local dealer ?

         Fill out a form, produce relevant documents. make 3 consecutive purchases                 and attend workshops.

21. Can I electronically transfer money from my bank to Netlink’s account?

         Yes you can electronically transfer money from your bank to one of Netlinks’ accounts. The               accounts include: BNS (Scotiabank), NCB, and First Caribbean. Please contact Netlink Jamaica             for appropriate banking information.

22. What are our operating hours?

         We are open Monday -Friday 8:30am -5:30pm Saturday 10am - 2pm

23. What size doors do we sell?

        width 10-20 ft height: 6-12ft

        18” panels 21” panels

24. Where are we located?

           We are located at 14 Eastwood Avenue, Kingston 10.

25. Do we provide hurricane shutters for commercial entities?

       We supply and install hurricane shutters for commercial units. After                   installation, we also provide servicing for the hurricane shutters.

26. What is the warranty policy for our products?

         1 month to a year for the products that carry warranty.

27. Do we sell our goods island wide?

       Yes we deliver the goods we supply island wide at an extra               charge.

28. Do we install gate openers and garage doors island wide?

        Yes, we install gate openers and garage doors island wide.

29. Do we provide technical support and assistance for the products we sell?

        Yes, we do

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