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At Netlink Jamaica, we supply and install  storm shutters for residential and commercial properties in Jamaica. We offer several types of hurricane shutters that are effective against hurricanes up to category 5. They include:

HV Accordion Shutters

The HV Accordion shutters are a customer's favourite. They are convenient since they can be easily opened when not in use and can be readily closed in the event of a storm or hurricane. It also has a lock and key feature which provides additional security to your windows/doors. These shutters are also customizable and can be sprayed in any colour of your choice to match your desired aesthetic. 

Bahama Shutters

These aesthetically pleasing hurricane shutters not only improve the aesthetic of a building, but will provide protection during a storm or hurricane. They are protruded like an awning window when not in use and then can be easily closed in the event of of a storm of hurricane. 


This versatile shutter serves both decorative and protective purposes, offering reliable defense against storms and hurricanes. They operate like a window, easily open when not needed and easily closed in the event of a storm or hurricane. They are permanently installed outside each window and are hinged for secure locking. 

Roll-up Shutters

Roll-up hurricane shutters can be operated manually or automatically. In their retracted position, they contribute to the visual appeal and curb appeal of your home. These shutters are permanently installed on the exterior of your windows and are designed with hinging mechanisms for secure locking. With roll-up hurricane shutters, you can efficiently secure each window or door in a matter of minutes.

Storm Panels