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Gate Systems Accessories
Superjack Remote

This remote is compatible with gate openers that have a Superjack board

Powertech Remote

This remote is compatible with Powertech gate opener systems

Came Remote

This remote is compatible with Came gate opener systems

Came Remote

This remote is compatible with some* Came gate opener systems

BFT Remote

This remote is compatible with BFT gate opener systems

FAAC Remote

This remote is compatible with FAAC gate opener systems

Powertech Door Bell

Enhance your home security with a Powertech door bell from Powertech

Superjack Coupling

This is compatible with Superjack gate openers parts

Proteco Remote

This remote is compatible with Proteco gate opener systems

Copper Gear

This is compatible with Powertech arm parts 

Gold Bearings

This is compatible with Powertech arm parts

Super jack board.png
Superjack 12V Circuit Board

Compatible with 12V Powertech and Superjack Arm 

Powertech 24V Digital Board with WIFI compatibility

For use on 24V wifi compatible Powertech Arm

Powertech 12V Circuit Board -Out of Stock 

Compatible with 12V Powertech Arm

Untitled design (28).png
Untitled design (27).png
Superjack Coupling

For use on Superjack Arm parts

Powertech Camera

Enhance the security of your home  or business with a high performance camera from Powertech

Commax Intercom System

Enhanced Security: Allows for secure communication and identification of visitors before granting access.


Convenience: Streamlines communication within a building or property, making it easy to communicate between rooms or floors.


Visitor Screening: Provides a visual and audio means to verify visitors, enhancing safety.


Deterrent to Unauthorized Access: Acts as a deterrent to unauthorized individuals attempting to enter a property.


Integration: Can be integrated with other security systems for comprehensive monitoring and control.

12V Tropical Battery

Can be used in garage door operator or battery back up

Front Bracket 

For use on Powertech gate arm part

Liftmaster 4 m Heavy Duty Steel Rack
gate Opener rack-550x550_edited.png
Housing edit accessory  (1).png
Untitled design (32).png
Flex pipe.PNG

Compatible with Liftmaster garage door openers

Black Nuts

These are used to secure bolts or threaded rods in place to prevent it from loosening

Gate Arm  Housing

For use on Powertech gate arm part

Liftmaster Coupling

025C0020 is a replacement screw drive sprocket coupling. This replacement part is compatible with various screw drive garage door opener rail assemblies made after 1995. Check the manual for your specific model number before ordering to ensure compatibility.

Also known as: 25A20, 25C20, 025C0020, 25A18

Flex Pipe

Protects arm wire during gate installation

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